How To Guides

How To Guides #

How To Guides are meant to be a deeper look into the various Resources handled by the microbooks system. They attempt to demonstrate how various Bookkeeping problems can be solved by use of the API. Each Resource’s How To Guide page is divded into five standard sections as described below.

Definition #

This section describes what the resource represents, i.e. the real world concept the resource is intended to model. For example, a Tax Resource models the characteristics of a Tax imposed upon a Business by the relevant authority within whose jurisdiction the business operates.

Properties #

This section provides details about the data encapsulated within the Resource. Properties are of two types, Direct properties are those that hold data regarding the Resource object itself, while Indirect properties represent other Resources (with their own Direct properties) that relate to the Resource in question.

Basics #

The Basics section provides an example of the simplest call to create an instance of the Resource with only the bare minimum of properties. It also describes any defaults that are set automatically if ommited in the call.

Variations #

Variations provide instruction on how to modify the basic call to create Resources in such a way as to satisfy specific Bookkeeping problems. As such, this section is the most likely to evolve and grow as Resources' capabilities are extended and improved based on feedback from users of the platform.

Operations #

Operations describe actions that can be performed on the resource to achieve Bookkeeping goals outside from just CRUD operations on Resources. Just like the Variations above, Operations on Resources are also expected to evolve as the platform matures.

Errors #

This last section describes the Errors that are returned by the system as a result of attempted actions on the platform that violate Bookkeeping/IFRS rules.

Types #

A few Resources have a Types section which describes the meaning of each of the Resource variants in detail.