Getting Started

Getting Started #

Microbooks is a purely API based system that relies on JWT tokens to both authenticate and authorize registered users. As the service is still in its closed beta testing stage, to gain access to the API, please send a request email to and we’ll create an account for you.

Quickstart #

Once registered, you can start off by following the quickstart guide that is tailored for as many languages as possible.

Missing Language
If we have missed creating a quickstart for your favourite language, feel free to send a request email to and we’ll try to create create one to help you and your favourite dev community get started with microbooks.

How To Guides #

The Bookkeeping resources that are available on the microbooks platform are described in detail in the How To Guides. These provide a step by step instruction on how to create, manipulate and manage the models and entities so as to accomplish Bookkeeping goals.

Cookbooks #

When developing a non-trivial integration or application, often you will encounter scenarios that are common accross jurisdictions. With cookbook section, we attempt to provide examples of how to solve several cases using the service.

Corner Cases
By the way, if you have a scenario that is not covered by the How To Guides, drop us an email at and we’ll create it just for you!

API Reference #

For the most comprehensive documentation of all the api endpoints, parameters, request and responses including examples for many languages, take a look at our Postman formatted API Reference documentation here.