Introduction #

Welcome to Microbooks, the worlds first and only 100% API based Bookkeeping service. The Platform is predicated upon the simple premise that while Accounting Jurisdictions vary, Book Keeping fundamentals do not.

Microbooks is therefore meant to provide any developer with a fast, reliable and easy to use bookkeeping backend that enables them to create Accounting software suitable for their jurisdiction, industry, or even unique use case.

Ready to dive in? Have a look at our Quickstart to be guided through setting up a complete Business Case, from basic setup up to the production of IFRS compatible Financial Statements.

For specific details about the management of the Bookkeeping Resources available on the platform you may want to take a look at the How To Guides.

You can also go through the Cookbooks to see how specific and common bookkeeping problems are handled and solved by using the service.

Corner Cases
By the way, if you have a problem that is not covered by the Cookbooks, drop us an email at and we’ll create a cookbook for it just for you!

Finally, to keep up with developments on the service, the guides or just discussions around general topics affecting the platform, you can visit our Blog here.